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Your First 24 hours

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Your First 24 hours Empty Your First 24 hours

Post  Admin Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:35 pm

NEW MEMBERS to do list:

1) Introduce yourself on the boards, say where you are based.

2) Sign up for the forum. There is a link on our guild profile. Message Our GM Efanton (Link to his profile >>> to get activated. As soon as you are activated:

(i) Read the First Week Guide, it is in the forum, pinned at the top. There is a short version below.
(ii) Register your bases on the forum

3) Read the guild internals, four pages. The tabs are at the top, especially:
Rules - They are there to protect everyone.

Get these things done quickly and get activated while you use the guide below.


Till you can have forum access here is a shortened version of the first week guide.
There are three short check lists attached to the full guide. Only the first two are included here.

Appendix 1 Construction sequence for a first base with fertility 4, metal 3, and energy 4
Appendix 2 Construction sequence for a first base with fertility 5, metal 3, and energy 4
Appendix 3 Research goals (all players) <Not included>

Your first 24 hours in AE - A prelude to the start up guide.

FACT: Player level is not a good measure of your progress early in AE. Raising your level only makes you more open to attack by more people. Real progress only comes through balancing development WITH defence

Goals to:
(i) Develop your empire as quickly as possible
(ii) Avoidmaking your level rise unnecessarily so you don't get attacked
(ii) Ensure your bases are adequately defended once you reach level ten when you can be attacked.

If you do want help everyone in the guild will be happy to help, either in guild chat or via TeamSpeak (see above).

1 Your account
The right astro is crucial. If your new astro does not have Metal 3 and, either Solar3 or Solar 4, delete the account and start again. Keep creating and deleting accounts until you have either solar 3 or 4, and metal 3.

You might have to make many retries but it is worth it. (What are 15 minutes in a game you may still be playing in two years time?)

Why? See the full guide

2 Your first base
Immediately build a Metal Refinery, do this on the base's Structures menu and selecting build. Then scroll to the bottom of the Structures menu, and from the drop down list queue:

Metal Refinery
Metal Refinery
Metal Refinery
Research Lab
Research Lab

At some point you will run out of population and energy. When this happens add either a power plant or Urban Structures. You will only be able to queue five structures so restock the queue as it runs down.

As the queue builds do two things:

i) Research
Once the second lab is completed start a Computer research and queue up another on the base's Research menu. Select the tech to from the Research menu, queue up future researches from the drop down list at the bottom. Once you have done this start researching energy and keep the research queue full.

ii) Restock the Construction queue with:

Metal Refinery
Robotic Factory (*You wont be able to order this till the researches are completed)

Include power plants and urban structures as you needed.

Why Robotic Factories? See the full guide

Why Spaceports? See the full guide

Why Shipyards? See the full guide

Keep adding these (in the this order) until you have:

9 Metal Refineries
5 Robotic Factories
5 Shipyards
5 Spaceports

Once you have achieved this on your first base build nothing but Research Labs on it.

By now you should be activated on the forum and be able to read the guide in full.


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